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Jun. 28th, 2017

Disappointing Hollywood Summer 2015


The movie season for the summer of 2015 has been very disappointing for me. In different ways, it has been more disappointing than the summer of 2014. This disappointment stems from an observation that some of my favorite films during this summer have either bombed at the box office or have barely made a profit. Read more... )

Jun. 27th, 2017

"ANT-MAN" (2015) Photo Gallery


Below are images from the new Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, "ANT-MAN". Directed by Peyton Reed, the movie stars Paul Rudd as Scott Lang aka Ant-Man: Read more... )

Jun. 26th, 2017

"JURASSIC WORLD" (2015) Review


"JURASSIC WORLD" (2015) Review

Being a Southern California resident and native, I have made numerous visits to the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park. And for the past decade, a guide for the Backlot Tour attraction has announced to visitors about the studio's intention to produce and release a fourth film for the JURASSIC PARK movie franchise. After five years, I stopped taking these announcements seriously. Read more... )

Jun. 24th, 2017

My Feelings About "TRUE DETECTIVE"


I am among the many viewers who saw the Season Two finale for HBO’s "TRUE DETECTIVE" two years ago. And like many viewers and critics, I did not really care for it. But unlike many viewers and critics, I felt the same about the show's Season One finale. Read more... )

Jun. 20th, 2017

"AGENT CARTER" Season One (2015) Photo Gallery


Below are images from Season One of the ABC series, "AGENT CARTER". Created by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the series stars Hayley Atwell as Agent Peggy Carter: Read more... )

Jun. 19th, 2017

"DEATH ON THE NILE" (1978) Review


"DEATH ON THE NILE" (1978) Review

Four years after the success of "MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS", producer John Bradbourne focused his attention upon adapting another Agatha Christie novel for the screen. In the end, he decided to adapt Christie’s 1937 novel, "DEATH ON THE NILE". Read more... )

Jun. 18th, 2017

Favorite Films Set in the 1810s and 1820s


Below is a list of my favorite movies set during the 1810s and 1820s: Read more... )

Jun. 17th, 2017

"TERMINATOR GENISYS" (2015) Photo Gallery


Below are images from "TERMINATOR GENISYS", the fifth entry for the TERMINATOR franchise. Directed by Alan Taylor, the movie starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney and Jason Clarke: Read more... )

Jun. 13th, 2017



Years after Robert Ludlum's famous literary trilogy about an amnesiac CIA agent was published, Matt Damon starred in the movie versions of those novels between 2002 and 2007. Naturally, they became big box office hits and turned Damon into a full fledged action star. The ironic thing is that the three movies bore scant resemblance to the novels they were based upon. Read more... )

Jun. 12th, 2017

English Trifle


Below is an article about the English dessert known as the Trifle: Read more... )

Jun. 11th, 2017

"JURASSIC WORLD" (2015) Photo Gallery


Below are images from "JURASSIC WORLD", the fourth entry in the "JURASSIC WORLD" film franchise. Directed by Colin Trevorrow, the movie starred Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard: Read more... )

Jun. 7th, 2017

"KELLY'S HEROES" (1970) Review


"KELLY’S HEROES" (1970) Review

When one thinks of acclaimed movies about World War II, titles such as 1962’s "THE LONGEST DAY" or 1998’s "SAVING PRIVATE RYAN" come to mind. But an offbeat movie about a group of U.S. Army soldiers that go AWOL behind enemy lines to rob Nazi gold from a bank in a small French town does not conjure up images of Academy Award statuettes in one’s mind. In fact, I doubt that 1970’s "KELLY’S HEROES" had ever received a prestigious award or nomination. Read more... )

Jun. 5th, 2017

"EL DORADO WEST" [PG] - Chapter Sixteen

The following is Chapter Sixteen of my story about a pair of free black siblings making the journey to California in 1849: Read more... )

Jun. 3rd, 2017

"DEATH ON THE NILE" (1978) Photo Gallery

Below are images from "DEATH ON THE NILE", the 1978 adaptation of Agatha Christie's 1937 novel. Directed by John Guillermin, the movie starred Peter Ustinov as Hercule Poirot. Read more... )

May. 30th, 2017

List of Favorite Movie/Television Productions About the AMERICAN REVOLUTION/FOURTH OF JULY


Below is a list of my favorite movie and television productions about the American Revolution and/or the Fourth of July holiday: Read more... )

May. 26th, 2017

"ENTOURAGE" (2015) Review

"ENTOURAGE" (2015) Review

When I first learned that a movie continuation of the HBO 2004-2011 series, "ENTOURAGE", was scheduled to hit the theaters for the summer of 2015, I responded to the news with a shrug. Quite honestly, I was not interested. I would have skipped the movie if my relatives had insisted upon seeing it. So, I was stuck . . . and I saw the movie in the theaters. Read more... )

May. 25th, 2017

"THE BOURNE IDENTITY" (1988) Photo Gallery


Below is a gallery featuring images from "THE BOURNE IDENTITY", the 1988 television adaptation of Robert Ludlum's 1980 novel. Directed by Roger Young, the two-part miniseries starred Richard Chamberlain and Jaclyn Smith: Read more... )

May. 23rd, 2017

Favorite Films Set in the 1830s


Below is a list of my favorite movies (so far) that are set in the 1830s: Read more... )

May. 21st, 2017

"TOMORROWLAND" (2015) Review

"TOMORROWLAND" (2015) Review

Back in May 2015, the Disney Studios released a movie that did not proved to be successful at the box office. Directed by Brad Bird, the movie got its title - "TOMORROWLAND" - from futuristic themed land found at Disney theme parks. Read more... )

May. 20th, 2017

"KELLY'S HEROES" (1970) Photo Gallery

kelly hősei_1

Below are images from the 1970 World War II comedy, "KELLY'S HEROES". Directed by Brian G. Hutton, the movie starred Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas, Don Rickles and Donald Sutherland: Read more... )

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