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Mar. 14th, 2018

"THE MURDER AT THE VICARAGE" (2004) Photo Gallery

Below are images from "THE MURDER AT THE VICARAGE", the 2004 adaptation of Agatha Christie's 1930 novel. The movie starred Geraldine McEwan as Miss Jane Marple: Read more... )

Mar. 13th, 2018

"BLANCHE FURY" (1948) Review


"BLANCHE FURY" (1948) Review

I suspect that many fans of costume dramas would be fascinated to know about the series of period dramas released by the British film industry during the post-World War II era. A good number of those films were released by a British film studio known as Gainsborough Pictures. But not all of them were released through this particular studio. Some were released through other studios or production companies . . . like the 1948 period drama, "BLANCHE FURY". Read more... )

Mar. 12th, 2018

"AND THEN THERE WERE NONE" (2015): Party on Soldier Island


Below are some animated GIFs that I had found on Tumblr. They featured scenes from Episode 3 of the BBC's 2015 miniseries, "AND THEN THERE WERE NONE", which was adapted from Agatha Christie's 1939 novel: Read more... )

Mar. 10th, 2018

"THE FLAME TREES OF THIKA" (1981) Photo Gallery


Below are images from "THE FLAME TREES OF THIKA", the 1981 adaptation of Elspeth Huxley's 1959 memoirs. Directed by Roy Ward Baker, the series starred Hayley Mills, Holly Aird and David Robb: Read more... )

Mar. 8th, 2018

"CINDERELLA MAN" (2005) Review

"CINDERELLA MAN" (2005) Review

When I had first learned about Ron Howard’s biopic about boxing champion James J. Braddock, I was very reluctant to see the film. In fact, I did not even bother to go see it. Instead, I merely dismissed "CINDERELLA MAN" as a ‘"SEABISCUIT" in the boxing ring’. After I finally saw the movie, I must admit that my original assessment stood. Read more... )

Mar. 5th, 2018


Below is an article about the Polish dish known as Bigos: Read more... )

Mar. 4th, 2018

"Torn Duties" [PG] - 5/6


Part Five

At promptly nine twenty-five in the evening, Mira entered the half-empty Eaton Suppliers warehouse in South San Francisco, accompanied by three men. The young wizard had hired three warlocks to serve as bodyguards, in case her client decides to spring a trap. One of them held Mira's laptop. The other two disappeared behind some crates immediately upon arrival. Read more... )

Mar. 2nd, 2018

"THE FIRM" (1993) Photo Gallery


Below are images from "THE FIRM", the 1993 adaptation of John Grisham's 1991 novel. Directed by Sydney Pollack, the movie starred Tom Cruise: Read more... )

Mar. 1st, 2018

"IRON MAN" (2008) Review


"IRON MAN" (2008) Review

I had never heard of the Marvel comic book hero, Iron Man, until I saw the trailer for the 2008 movie, a few months before it first hit the movie theaters. Mind you, I had heard of Iron Man’s alter ego – Tony Stark. The latter’s name had been mentioned in several Internet articles written about Spider-Man. Which is why I could not summon any excitement when I saw the trailer for the movie, which starred Robert Downey, Jr. Read more... )

Feb. 28th, 2018

"LOST" RETROSPECT: (5.02) "The Lie"


"LOST" RETROSPECT: (5.02) "The Lie"

Season Five of ABC's "LOST" has always struck me as the series' Odd Man Out. It is not the first season to break the rules of the series' format. Season Four not only featured flashbacks, but also flash forwards. But Season Five seemed to be all over the place. And I believe this was due to the cast being split up for the first half of its season. Read more... )

Feb. 26th, 2018

"THE ASTRONAUT WIVES CLUB" (2015) Photo Gallery


Below are images from "THE ASTRONAUT WIVES CLUB", the 2015 adaptation of Lily Koppel's 2013 book. The ABC limited series was developed by Stephanie Savage: Read more... )

Feb. 24th, 2018

"HAIL, CAESAR!" (2016) Review

"HAIL, CAESAR!" (2016) Review

When I first that Joel and Ethan Coen was about to release a new film, I rejoiced. When I learned that this new movie - called "HAIL, CAESAR!" - would be set in old Hollywood, my joy increased. Then I discovered that this new film would be released in February of this year. And . . . my anticipation decreased. Somewhat. Read more... )

Feb. 23rd, 2018

"POLDARK" Series One (1975): Episodes One to Four



A few years ago, I had tried a stab at the first episode of the 1975-1977 series, "POLDARK", which starred Robin Ellis. After viewing ten minutes of theatrical acting and dated photography in Episode One on You Tube, I gave up. Read more... )

Feb. 21st, 2018

"DEADPOOL" (2016) Photo Gallery

Below are images from "DEADPOOL", the eighth entry in the "X-MEN" film series. Directed by Tim Miller, the movie starred Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson aka Deadpool: Read more... )

Feb. 19th, 2018

"MOROCCO" (1930) Review

"MOROCCO" (1930) Review

As a long time movie buff, I have read a great deal about Hollywood's Pre-Code Era, a brief period in which the film industry barely made an effort to enforce its Production Code, which forbade any open portrayal of controversial topics like sexual innuendos, prostitution, and excessive violence. Among the movies discussed during this period were the seven films that served as a collaboration between director Josef von Sternberg and actress Marlene Dietrich. Read more... )

Feb. 17th, 2018


Two years ago, a new series about a group of Georgia slaves who plan and conduct a daring 600 miles escape to freedom in the Northern states first aired on the WGN Network. Called "UNDERGROUND", it was not the first television production about American slaves making a bid for freedom. Below is a list of previous productions that I have seen over the years: Read more... )

Feb. 15th, 2018

"BLANCHE FURY" (1948) Photo Gallery


Below are images from "BLANCHE FURY", the 1948 adaptation of Joseph Shearing's (aka Marjorie Bowen) 1939 novel. Directed by Marc Allégret, the movie starred Valerie Hobson and Stewart Granger: Read more... )

Feb. 12th, 2018




One of the movies that struggled at the box office during the summer of 2010 was Disney’s 2010 live-action adaptation of its 1940 animated classic, "THE SORCERER’S APPRENTICE". Directed by Jon Turteltaub, the movie starred Nicholas Cage and Jay Baruchel. Read more... )

Feb. 10th, 2018




Ever since the release of the BBC recent adaptation of Agatha Christie’s 1939 novel, "And Then There Were None" television viewers and critics have been praising the production for being a faithful adaptation. In fact these critics and fans have been in such rapture over the production that some of them have failed to noticed that the three-part miniseries was not completely faithful. As long as the production followed Christie’s original ending, they were satisfied. Read more... )

Feb. 9th, 2018

"EL DORADO WEST" [PG] - Chapter Twenty

The following is Chapter Twenty of my story about a pair of free black siblings making the journey to California in 1849: Read more... )

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